Documentation Typo's spotted - I'm a little Grammar Nutsy


I’ve spotted a few typo’s and such in the main OOD documentation (spelling errors or more than one one of the same word, etc).

I know that not everyone cares or even has the time/capacity to fix these sorts of bugs but maybe someone out there does care and I’m not alone in my quest :sweat_smile:

Should I bother with reporting these sorts of things for the documentation? If so, I’m guessing an issue is the way to go…?

Bryan: Are you looking at the new 3.0 draft docs or the current 2.0 ones? We’ve made major changes that are going to go live in the next few days.

Regardless, we always encourage suggested changes. Ideally we’d like them as pull requests since the docs are hosted in Github. But comments on discourse can work too.