Wanted: Pretty screenshots of your OOD portal

If you’re proud of the way your OOD portal looks, could you provide some screenshots?

This would really help us make a case to management. Our OOD instance has great functionality, but the appearance and high-level features of the portal are very bare-bones. It’s absolutely not OOD’s fault; we’re just bad at web design. So our managers look at our portal, and some of them think that OOD doesn’t have the high-level features they want and the UI/UX that users expect.

We’d like to show management some other sites’ portals and make the case that: (a) OOD can do everything they want; and (b) we just need some more hours to devote to design.



Great point on helping to demonstrate ‘the art of the possible’. We do have a variety of screenshots already available in much of the material posted on the main website and the documentation, but perhaps we should add a section somewhere that explicitly calls out examples?

Here’s some links for you to look at. If there are things that are particularly compelling we could easily create a new section of the website or documentation for them:

Customizations / Branding: Customizations — Open OnDemand 3.0.0 documentation

XDMoD Integration: Customizations — Open OnDemand 3.0.0 documentation

Video walkthrough: https://youtu.be/4-w-4wjlnPk

Harvard preso: https://openondemand.org/sites/default/files/documents/Augmenting%20the%20User%20Experience%20in%20Open%20OnDemand.pdf

If you’re proud of the way your OOD portal looks, could you provide some screenshots?

hah, I’m not proud how it looks, but I’m happy how it works :slight_smile:

I guess no sense of screenshoting jupyterlab, remote desktops, etc… or?

and if you’re in mood to listen some elevator music and OOD screencast, feel free to enjoy one screencast I did some time ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYqsTua9f2M

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Thanks everyone! These were super helpful.