Anyone using OOD for tutorial/training documentation?

Is anyone using Open OnDemand to host user documentation for tutorials, training, general usage, etc.? I know there is a place where you can put public HTML resources, so presumably, you could write docs in Markdown, use pandoc to render to HTML and serve up docs on the public URL.

But obviously the capability to do something like render Markdown/ERB is already available in places like motd. Is there a way to leverage this for an arbitrary number of docs, almost like using OOD as a static site generator? I don’t mind rendering the HTML myself, but if the functionality is there, can it be expanded/generalized?

Related to this, is there a way to serve static private (i.e. not in /var/www/ood/public) resources that are not part of a passenger app? Maybe that’s in the docs already, but I combed those recently and didn’t see anything. Maybe I missed it? What about adding a configurable setting that would allow OOD to render HTML/CSS documents opened from the files menu? (Notwithstanding security concerns…)

Very interested in hearing if anyone has adapted OOD to do something like the above. I know there are probably better, dedicated platforms for documentation that have more features. But I really like the idea of making OOD truly a one-stop shop for all things HPC.

I just saw this in the release notes for 3.0: Customizations — Open OnDemand 3.0.0 documentation.

It seems like the “Custom Pages” feature might be able to do what I want, but I’m struggling to understand how I would configure it to show static assets, rather than a widget, as shown in the documentation.

Any suggestions?

The custom pages is a bit misleading. It means more Custom Dashboard page rather than some type of custom page you wrote and want served.

I’m not sure you can accomplish this in OOD without writing your own Rails Controller and adding an entry in the routes.rb, as we do not really have routes available to serve those pages to begin with.

I know there is a desire within the OOD team to do what you are talking about, the issue is here:

Feel free to comment and let us know you want to see work on this feature if you’d like to see it added.

Great, thanks! I’ll make a comment on that issue. Would love to see this capability.

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