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We were wondering if it was possible to have a static html page hosted via the ondemand web page. This is mostly for documentation about specific apps. For example: Someone opens the interactive app for a Jupyter Notebook but doesn’t understand how to use Jupyter Notebook so they can click a link at the top that takes them to some webpage still on the Ondemand server. If it was like a passenger app that was just some static content where we still have the rest of the ondemand interface, would that work?


You can deploy static html files through apache along side OOD (in /var/www/html or similar folder you want to configure) there’s no issues there.

When you say “rest of the ondemand interface” I’m guessing you mean the navigation bar? We have some gems that provide some things (like links to the apps) but we don’t supply the html partials for the nav bar for other applications to use as you would in this case. So you’d likely end up recreating it or creating something similar.

That said, this is a great idea! So I’m moving this to feature requests. Though honestly it may be more likely to be added into the road map if it was a github issue. Those tend to hold our attention longer than discourse topics. So feel free to open it as a feature request there.

Pull requests get our attention even more so! Any engagement is absolutely welcome.

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Yeah sorry I meant the navigation bar, footer, etc like you said. Mostly just so that the documentation page looks like it’s still in the ondemand interface.

I’ll put it in as a github issue if that’s better for this. I figured I’d be able to put it in /var/www/html but figured I’d check in case it already existed. I’ll play around a little bit with that and with the passenger app.

Thanks Jeff!

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