GitHub App Template

I’m looking into writing an OnDemand app for the first time. There are some example repos such as GitHub - OSC/ood-example-ps: Example Open OnDemand app that displays the output of `ps`, but I wonder if it would be possible to make a GitHub template repo, or else a CookieCutter template, so that users can easily create a new repo for each of the two app types.

Thanks for the request!

I think it could be helpful to have a template interactive apps directory as those apps all are going to have a very similar structure.

However, for passenger apps it’s different. These are much more customizable as you could do this in many languages and need different files depending on which language.

There is a whole piece of documentation that’s been written up to try and highlight how to use the passenger apps better. Sadly, because our Sphinx version is so behind (a mistake we’ve made as a team) we have errors around some of the code formatting int hat post we can only clear out by upgrading. It’s on our plate to do the upgrade but it’s just a slow process working through the changelogs. That PR for this is waiting here: Passenger tutorial by Oglopf · Pull Request #868 · OSC/ood-documentation · GitHub

I’ve at least for the time created an issue against the main repo for this:


Here’s at least a link to the dev docs for the expanded passenger tutorial example. This is not merged into the main branch yet but still visible while it waits: