Share your custom OnDemand apps

If you have published on GitHub custom OnDemand apps, would you share a link to your repos in a comment on this topic? I would like to update with a comprehensive list of example custom apps. Please include the scheduler and scheduler version you are using.

Since different institutions may have different modifications to the same app, duplicates are welcomed. For example, being able to share different customizations for launching Jupyter and RStudio would be helpful.

If you are willing to share on GitHub but need guidance, please reach out to me directly at “Eric Franz”.

We (Stanford Reserach Computing) have published ours at
There’s our version of Jupyter, RStudio Server, and an authenticating version of Tensorboard.

Great idea Eric, I am looking forward to seeing how others are doing things. Some of Kilian’s tricks are instructive for those like me who don’t know any Ruby.
Our version of the OSU apps are scattered across our GitHub page,

I will try and get some of my apps up in a repo. I have done quite a bit with javascript and anaconda module handling that might be of interest to other folks

I have made a repo for our most ambitious app here: