Announcing Open OnDemand 1.7

We are pleased to announce the release of Open OnDemand 1.7.

Highlights of Open OnDemand 1.7 include:

  • Support running OnDemand with SELinux
  • Update project dependencies
  • Drop EL6 and add EL8 support
  • Added the Linux Host Adapter
  • Show account balance warnings
  • Job Composer and Active Jobs match Dashboard Branding
  • Titles for Files menu entries
  • Documentation for Keycloak as identity broker with CILogon and Keycloak with Duo 2FA
  • Add Grafana support for ActiveJobs app
  • Improvements to ood-portal-generator
  • Add an ssh wrapper to the shell app
  • Regenerate ood-portal.conf with every apache restart
  • Support sanitizing job names
  • nginx_clean support for a specific user
  • Dashboard now alerts on malformed cluster configs
  • Job composer now shows suggested scripts
  • Add ability to disable SSH to compute node link in batch connect session card
  • Reduced installation size by 30 percent
  • New shared OnDemand gem sets

Release notes and upgrade information can be found here:

We also started sharing links to OnDemand apps published on GitHub by other institutions besides OSC at If you have apps available on GitHub please share them with us on this topic Share your custom OnDemand apps or as a GitHub issue here.


Exciting and fortuitous timing! Can’t wait to get my hands on that Grafana for ActiveJobs!