Announcing Open OnDemand 1.8

We are pleased to announce the release of Open OnDemand 1.8.

Highlights of Open OnDemand 1.8 include:

  • Beta XDMoD integration in the dashboard
  • Default authentication is now handled by Dex
  • Support mod_auth_openidc configuration via ood-portal-generator
  • Beta CCQ Scheduler support
  • Retain completed jobs panel for debugging
  • Batch Connect apps now support multiple clusters
  • Batch Connect apps now support disabling caching on fields
  • Extended view support for GridEngine clusters
  • Torque and Slurm schedulers now support QoS fields
  • Shell hosts are now protected behind allowlists
  • Chinese localization
  • Ability to add additional info to batch connect app
  • Support for SVG dashboard logos
  • Support for new Native VNC views
  • Better max file upload support
  • Drop IE 11 support
  • Added Sinatra Ruby Gems into ondemand-gems for other apps to use
  • Streamlined copy and paste in noVNC for Chrome

Release notes and upgrade information can be found here:

We also reorganized the list of OnDemand apps published on GitHub by other institutions besides OSC. This list is now organized by app, instead of institution. The full list of apps is available at If you have apps available on GitHub that are not on this list please share them with us on this topic Share your custom OnDemand apps or as a GitHub issue here.