Open OnDemand 3.0 is now available

We are pleased to announce the release of Open OnDemand 3.0.

Highlights of Open OnDemand 3.0 include the list below. Please note that there are breaking changes and they’re detailed in the 3.0 Release notes linked below.

  • EL9 & Ubuntu 22.04 support.
  • Significant changes to the navbar configuration to allow for very granular control.
  • Support for profiles.
  • Support for custom pages.
  • Batch connect form options that automatically populate from schedulers or lmod information.
  • Support for remote filesystems.
  • Applications that launch with a single click.
  • Support for automatically deleting old batch connect directories.
  • Recently Used Apps widget (these are single click applications).
  • Support for displaying form options in the batch connect card.
  • Support for submitting help tickets.

Release notes can be found here: (You may also notice that we updated the structure of the documentation).

We’d like to give a big thanks to Harvard and CSC Finland for their contributions. We’d also like to thank all the individual who contributed to this release. Thanks!

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