Scheduling of Open OnDemand 2.0 Release


We’ve been telling the community for the past few months that we were planning on releasing Open OnDemand 2.0 around the first of December. However, we have decided to push it out until end of Q1 2021 (March-April 2021) time frame due to the status of our development work.

We’ll be running it at OSC well before that and early adopters may install early release versions from the “latest” yum repo ( Instructions for installing these early releases will be provided in the GitHub Releases section of the OnDemand repo (

We also plan on a few minor patch releases between now and then.

Note we anticipate version 2.0 to have several ‘breaking changes’ in it that will require a bit more extensive upgrade process than usual. Below is a general roadmap of the items we hope will be included in the 2.0 release:

  1. Color schemes in terminal
  2. Files app: Feature parity port of Files app (usability and accessibility improvements)
  3. Launch UI: Admin pinned apps with dashboard big icon widget
  4. Launch UI: Group apps by custom metadata
  5. Launch UI: Redesign all apps page using datatable
  6. Kubernetes adapter with documentation
  7. Files app: Globus online integration with Files app
  8. Files app: Cloud drive integration - one or more drives
  9. Files app: Other Files app interface improvements
  10. Launch UI: User favorite apps
  11. Launch UI: Recently launched apps
  12. Launch UI: Pinned apps dropdown + all apps link accessible on every page
  13. Make dashboard widgets configurable
  14. Support utilizing Passenger GLS for apps in other languages
  15. Shell reconnect
  16. Support a “” file to batch connect apps for easier site specific app customization
  17. Support arbitrary Apache headers in ood_portal.yml
  18. SSL+authentication abstraction for interactive apps using service mesh or per user network overlay
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