Announcing Open OnDemand 1.6

We are pleased to announce the release of Open OnDemand 1.6.

Highlights of Open OnDemand 1.6 include:

  • OnDemand passed a security audit
  • Added job array support for LSF and PBSPro adapters
  • Improved Slurm and Grid Engine adapters
  • Added localization options to the Dashboard and Job Composer
  • Added rendering of HTML or Markdown in Job Composer template manifests
  • Added support for fetching quota from a URL
  • Added VNC quality and compression controls
  • Open Shell to compute node that a VNC job is running on
  • Changed ‘Open in Terminal’ button to offer multiple options when OOD_SSH_HOSTS is set
  • Enable BatchConnect applications to raise errors after form submission
  • Added version strings to Dashboard
  • Changed ngnix_stage to always remove stale PID files
  • Add ability to disable RewriteEngine in Apache config
  • Many bug fixes

Release notes and upgrade information can be found here:

Note: we are having issues with Github Pages serving the latest version of the documentation website. As a result, the master directory of the documentation is currently showing the 1.5 documentation instead of the 1.6 documentation. So, for the interim, the direct link to the 1.6 release documentation is provided here and linked to from our website.