Extend dashboard app with additional apps in OOD 2.0


There has been some talk similar to this idea but not exactly what we are looking for. We are looking for a user friendly way of giving users access to our Training Videos. Our first idea was to use a Passenger App and modify the contents to just display a static html page. What we would like is for it to behave like the new Files and Active Jobs app, where they are now part of the dashboard app. So, can we easily extend the dashboard app to include our new app? Is there other ways to do this? We are currently using OOD 1.8 and have plans to upgrade to 2.0.

Another idea we had was to just try to setup an apache proxy to our internal HPC website. This way users can login to our external OnDemand system and then navigate to a URL that then redirects to the internal page. This way we do not have to duplicate code/effort when it comes to new training videos, changes, etc., and it meets our security authentication requirements .

Part of the requirement for this is to have a button in the nav bar for the users, which is why we were thinking to extend the dashboard app.

Any ideas are welcome.



If you created an empty app that held only a manifest.yml in it, and within that manifest you had a url - you could have an app (link, navbar entry) that redirects to some else.

This topic has something similar.

Not without forking the repository and deploying your own version. That’s totally fine by us by the way. And we’d be happy to look at patches.

You may also be interested in this issue:

Thanks for the information Jeff. The NavBar link ticket worked for our current needs in v1.8 and we will let you know if we extend the dashboard app.

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