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I have installed OOD 1.8, it’s connected to our cluster.
Virtual desktop and jupyter server are set and all apps works as expected.
This all very great… Thanks you so much ! this is a super tool !

Now, question part…
I wish to add, in the navbar, a dropdown list for app which don’t run as job on the cluster but are autonomous hosted website/server (labs equipemnt, eln, sami, nextflow tower, RstudioPro, crispranalyzer…)
Basically a simple list of weblink used by our scientific community.

I created a folder in /var/www/ood/apps/sys/nftower with manifest and logo and got the menu the way I wanted it for that one.

Obviously, when clicked, it gives (the nicest) 404 error.
So here is my questoin, does a directive enabling the setup of a direct link inside the manifest.yml is possible ? (ex: “link:” )
Or do I need to create some ruby script to do the redirect ? In such case, do you have any example, I’m sorry my dev skill kind of stop before my last question.

I tried url in the manifest.yml and it works great…

name: NextFlow Tower
category: External Apps
subcategory: Servers
description: |
  Code, Deploy, Enjoy. Monitor and launch data pipelines at scale.
url: https://*********.fr

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