Does Open OnDemand cache any dns settings?

We’re trying to solve what we believe to be a DNS issue. We were able to update /etc/resolv.conf and we can now access hosts from the terminal on our OOD host, but the OOD interface still is having issues accessing some hosts. Seems like it wouldn’t have any kind of cache but I figured I’d ask.

I did restart my PUN but I haven’t restarted OOD/the server yet. Doing that in a few minutes but wanted to give my users some notice.

Actually, I seem to be getting a lot of 502 errors in the web page log. Any suggestions on things to check that might be causing this on the OnDemand side?

No we don’t do anything with DNS caching - but apache may.

Also think about the arp cache. I seem to recall that from years ago (at another position).

Finally resolved it. Updated our hypervisor networking and the MTU we had set on the ondemand server wasn’t compatible. What a morning. Thanks Jeff!

Lol - jumbo frames for the lose!