Dynamic http headers upon user_map_cmd failure

Hi All,

This is somewhat of an evolution from Options for user registration

What I have currently is a custom user_map_cmd script that shims inbetween OOD trying to map the presented user to a local one.

Keycloak presents its authenticated username to my user_map_cmd script. This script checks ldap to see if a local cluster user exists. If one does not, it kicks off an automated local user creation process and exits 1. I think this exit 1 then skips the ood_auth_map bits and then just does a simple redirect to my specified map_fail_uri register page which is plain html with a generic message saying “account has just been made, try logging in again.”

I would like to be able to make this /register uri more dynamic, probably in the form of a small webapp that can redirect and display dynamic text. My gut reaction is that it would be sweet if OOD could pass data in a post header or something when a map_fail_uri occurs which my small webapp could then generate a response for. Any thought on that feasibility or another way of approaching the problem?