Enable Authentication for newly setup cluster with NIS servers

Hello Team,

We’re attempting to install the most recent OOD in our cluster. We followed the instructions and installed the necessary RPM on the CentOS7.9 server. We attempted to configure Authentication, but the documentation only provided information for LDAP servers. NIS server is utilized in our environment. Could you kindly advise what modifications we needed to make it compatible with NIS?

Hi and welcome!

I’m not super familiar with NIS, but from a quick google search, it appears to have some support through perl.

That said, it appears to be what apache labels basic authentication which is very insecure.

So, I’d suggest some other mode of authentication like Shibboleth if you have it or setup an OIDC server like Keycloak (though I can’t seem to find out if it has NIS capability).

Unfortunately, you are going to be stuck with basic auth as far as I know. I have a NIS cluster and while I do have a kerberos backend I could go off of, I need to have some local NIS users be able to login to OOD so I cannot lock it down to just users in kerberos…

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Thank you very much for the suggestions, as we are currently evaluating whether it is acceptable to use local NIS users for logon purposes. Could you kindly outline the steps necessary to enable this NIS server authentication?

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