Error with home user on NFS with LDAP


Openondemand & Dex LDAP authentification work fine but, i have a probleme with my home user : ood doesnt see him … but when i connect with ssh on openondemand server, with my ldap user, my home is see … (that’s work fine with local accout, and local home)

For many reason, root don’t have access to home user on nfs. rights, home user as chmod 700 …

anyone have an idea ?

Thanks a lot ++

Find It, we use a symbolic link, and with him, ood, cannot see the home directory …

Hi and welcome! It seems like you found your issue? You use symlinks in your HOME directories?

This is exactly the problem, symlinks, so for openondemand, don’t use symlinks for your home directory, that’s not work :slight_smile: