File Editor Fortran Syntax Highlighting is missing

The file editor used to have syntax highlighting for Fortran, but no longer provide it in the OOD release we are currently using. Could you please consider reintroducing Fortran syntax highlighting? Our OOD is 2.0.32. Thanks.

I see that it’s gone in 3.0 too. I’ll look into why it’s missing (I don’t think we pulled it on purpose).

I have a patch on the way. It could make it into 3.0.2 if you need.

Looking back though - I’m not sure if we ever supported fortran. I was curious as to how we lost support for the same - and couldn’t find it in 1.8.

In any case - it’s coming (coming back?) shortly.

One of our users said we used to have Fortran syntax highlighting mode in file editor and asked us to take it back :woman_facepalming:

This is the patch. It’s super small, so if you’re courageous enough you can patch your system by editing the file.

Thanks Jeff. It is working now.

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