Files App permission denied for accessible files via terminal

Hi, we recently experienced an issue with a user who gets a

Permission denied @dir_initialize /path/to/file

when attempting to open a folder using the Files App on OnDemand v 3.1.1. Changing to that folder via a terminal is however possible for that user. Any hint, any place where to for a log of what has gone wrong is welcome.
Thanks a lot!

You can look in /var/log/ondemand-nginx/$USER/error.log but I’m not sure you’re going to get much more than what you have.

That’s odd they can navigate there through a terminal. I get that error if I try to navigate to 700 or 750 (group owned by a group that I’m not a part of) directory. I’m not sure if it needs executable or readable permissions or both to navigate into the directory.

When they navigate to this folder - is it on the same machine? Is it a local folder? If it’s a local folder, then the files application is showing different directory than the one you’re seeing in the shell. Because they’re local to the server that it’s on. The files app is showing the folder of the web node (the node OOD is installed on) and the shell is probably showing a folder on a login node.

Hi Jeff, thanks a lot for the answer. I need to get back to the user and ask if the terminal is on a different machine.

Be it then a different machine, would that mean that the permissions are not gotten correctly from the OOD machine?

Well I guess that’s why I ask about the directory being local or remote. If it’s local, then it’s a completely different directory on a different machine.

If it’s an NFS directory, then I’m just about as confused as you are. There’s nothing special that we’re doing really. The error can be taken at face value - the web server (that is running as a regular non-root user) doesn’t have permissions to open the folder.

I’m very surprised that they report they’re able to navigate there through a terminal. It’s not like file permissions change depending on the program that’s accessing them.I guess I’d really want confirmation that they do indeed navigate there through a terminal without any sudo escalation.

Sorry, I did not get your answer right. It is a remote directory. I am not sure how is mounted (NFS or GPFS).

I want to say file permissions propagate across the NFS pretty quickly. There could be a synchronization issue - where the permissions need to propagate from wherever they were modified to the OOD webserver - I somehow doubt it. Seems to me like NFS propagations are pretty instantaneous.

If you are interested in testing this, just make a directory in a terminal (any terminal, just not on the OOD machine itself) and change a directories permissions. Navigate to the directory in the OOD file browser and see how fast those propagate.

If you have sudo privileges you can chown and so on. My guess is that the NFS will propagate those changes to the OOD mounts very fast.

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