NFS4 directory access error

We are seeing some issues when accessing a directory that contains files/dirs with NFS4 perms applied. We see an error in the Files app, ERROR "Permission denied @ rb_file_s_lstat - /dir/w/nfs4/perms", when user first attempts to access the parent dir. Moreover, the user gets a white screen, where no directories are displayed. If we SSH to OnDemand server and do ls on that parent dir nfs4, then the OnDemand files app works without issue. The error returns again after an unknown amount of time.

To be clear, the user should not have access to the perms directory. But we’d expect it to be displayed when accessing the nfs4 dir, and an access error when trying to access the perms dir itself.

We’re using OOD 2.0.27.


That sounds very strange to me, though there could just be a bug in 2.0.x.

I’ll look into reproducing in 3.0.

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