For Ondemand 1.8 should I switch from Keycloak as my IDP to OnDemand-Dex?

He have a stand-alone dedicated production server running Keycloak for use by our Open OnDemand Instances. With the release of OnDemand 1.8 with ondemand-dex, is it recommended to use that solution for authentication, or is Keycloak still preferred? There wasn’t much said to recommend one over the other, so would appreciate some comments from the developers.

Steve Harper
Senior Systems Administrator
University of Utah

I would think that Keycloak would be preferred since it is much more powerful than Dex and has its own session management, ability to add two factor authentication, etc. We use Keycloak at OSC.

Dex however, is definitely preferable to Basic Auth. We put work in to provide the ondemand-dex rpm and relevant ood-portal-generator modifications in order make the installation directions for a new install using Dex have a similar low complexity as the 1.7 directions using Basic Auth.

Thanks, I appreciate the clarification.

Steve Harper

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