How to add a quick access button on dashboard page?

Hi, we have user complain that to open a Jupyter Notebook, they have to go through Interactive App Menu => click Jupyter Notebook => click Launch

I just wondering is it possible to add a quick access button just on the dashboard page so that user don’t have to open the interactive app menu first. If this is possible, it would be great to know if there is an official way to do this. Thank you.

It is possible using an OOD feature called Sub-apps and even quick launch apps if they want to save the data they submit and just click the icon to launch.

Instructions around setting this up can be found here:

Also, this might be all you are looking for too:

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Thank you! I will try to figure it out how to setup such an entry.

You may also just want to change the dashboard_layout to include the recently_used_apps widget. This will create those quick launch icons automatically based on the last settings you used (you as in the user) for that app. So it’s user specific too.

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