How to add %{user} in pun access log

The pun_log_format doesn’t seem to parse %{user} into user name. How can you add the user name in the ood pun access log? I understand the pun logs are written into folders for each user, but would like to aggregate all access logs into a single log stream , still have user name in each record.

Thanks !

Hello and welcome!

Are you looking to have one file that is then populated with all user pun information then? Or do you need what you wrote, which is all access logs in one file, including apache?

Either way, there’s no OOD config to do something that advanced, and would instead best be handled by syslog itself by using facility filters to build the log you are looking to setup it sounds like. How to do that would depend on the syslog you are using, but that route makes far more sense than using OOD to manage custom logging.

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