How to change DashBoard "_shell access" access point?


I have installed OOD on an x86 machine to provide services to a ppc64le cluster. I found that the DashBoard “_shell access” default login point is the x86 machine, I am wondering if I can change the default login point to another machine?

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Thank you for your help, I have create a “env” file and setup the 2nd server to login. However, when I want to change the server name to the 3rd server. The OOD Dashboard still keep login to 2nd server.

Is there a way to refresh the DashBoard setting?

On the Dashboard click Help => Restart Web Server

Or close your browser and wait 10 minutes and Passenger should just shut down the web processes. When they restart you will see it again.

Or you can touch a restart.txt file in the tmp directory of the app. For example, if you touch /var/www/ood/apps/sys/shell/tmp/restart.txt after 10 seconds passes any future request to the app from anyone will force restart their Passenger app process. Of course that affects everybody, but its more targeted and is helpful when doing app development.

Thank you so much, it worked!