How to organize desktop appearance, add/remove icons?

When desktop app is launched and started, bunches of icons of mounted storage drives, such as /scratch, /clusterfs and etc, are clustered on the desktop. It does not affect the function, but looks unprofessional.

I have been searching solutions online how to manage the desktop appearance, such as removing/hiding some icons, so that only commonly used drives and/or application icons are displayed for users?

Thank you,
Wei Feinstein

Hi Wei.

Thanks for the question.

I am pretty sure that people have done as you are requesting. I believe it was presented during a Tips & Tricks call.

@mcuma , do you recall this?


Hei Wei.

@alanc found the tips & tricks call that I was referencing. Please look at the video and see if it helps any.

The July Tips and Tricks call will be this Thursday, 7/7 at 1pm ET.
*Bruce Carpenter* from the University of Georgia Athens will talk about **Open OnDemand X Desktop Customization** .
Video recording is here:


Thank you so much Gerald! This is exactly what I need.


That’s great. Glad to help.

Hi Gerald,

The video of the desktop config is excellent!

He mentioned he was going to experiment on adding default apps at the end of his video. I would like to contact him to see what he has in that regard.

May I please have Bruce’s contact info by any chance?

Many thanks,

Hi @mcuma ,

Is there any way that you can help Wei out with contacting Bruce? I have no idea of his contact information.


Hey Wei.

We have our Monthly Tips & Tricks call this Thursday. Maybe you can join the call and get the information that you are looking for.

Please download and import the following iCalendar (.ics) files to your calendar system.



Hi Gerald,

My weekly HPC group meeting is held at the same time on Thursdays 10am-1130am PST, the only meeting I can’t make changes.

I would have attended otherwise. Wish the OOD monthly had a different time.


Sorry to hear that. I’ll see if i can the information for you.

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