Htcacheclean usage and possible bug


Just upgraded OnDemand to latest release and spotted that on restart I spotted:

Suggested command:
    sudo systemctl try-restart httpd24-httpd.service .service

Restart the ondemand-dex service now.

Suggested command:
    sudo systemctl restart ondemand-dex.service

This seemed to look odd (the .service). Looking at examples in docs it seems it should have had http24-htcacheclean.service. I looked back in the documentation and cannot see where this should have been enabled or started. I have now started and enabled htcacheclean but now spotted in Github that the code seems to be broken since it was removed from the apache_services but the print out expects it still. Shall I raise a ticket and also should htcacheclean be used?

Hello! Thanks for the info. What OS are you running?

The htcacheclean looks like it was used previously but has been removed since earlier this year which can be seen here:

So it may just be the output message is incorrect and needs fixed, which I can open an issue for once I find where this is happening.

It sounds like we may need to also open an issue in the docs as well, I do see some mentions in the docs for CentOS 7 related things, could you share the specific page you were looking at?


Looks like Support Ubuntu 20.04 packages with OnDemand 2.0 (#2141) · OSC/ondemand@835ff77 · GitHub where it updated ondemand/application.rb at ca681fd38d5c19b8e10bb9b80f1d144faccf9b90 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub with

     def apache_services
        if OodPortalGenerator.scl_apache?

but left in reference to index 1. Looks like its fixed on master but just not in 2.0.28 tag.

        puts "Completed successfully!"
        if changed
          puts ""
          puts "Restart the #{apache_services[0]} service now."
          puts ""
          puts "Suggested command:"
          puts "    sudo systemctl try-restart #{apache_services[0]}.service #{apache_services[1]}.service"
          puts ""

If you search for htcacheclean in the documentation you see where its used in the example output so again just confusing - e.g. Search — Open OnDemand 2.0.20 documentation

Thanks for the help and bringing this up. I’ve submitted an issue in the main repo to ensure we take a look at the htcacheclean service:

And similarly I’ve put in an issue with our docs to also make sure mentions of the service are removed to clear up any confusion:

Thanks again for bringing this to our attention!