Will httpd24-http service conflict with existing httpd?


I was trying to follow the documentations to install open ondemand from RPM. It looks like it requires the installations of the httpd24-httpd package and starts the httpd24-http service.
We already have the httpd package (2.4.6-90.el7.centos) installed from the @base repo and the httpd service activated. I’m wondering if the installation of the httpd24-http packages will conflict with the existing httpd installed? If not, am I supposed to run both the httpd24-http and httpd services at the same time?

There could be conflicts on the ports they want to open but I’d have to defer to @tdockendorf about libraries (I’m guessing the libraries don’t conflict because they’ll have different names).

That said, we run httpd24-httpd because we require a higher version on Centos/REHL:7 to run proxies to unix sockets (added in 2.4.7).

You may or may not want to run OOD on this webserver. I’d guess you have 3 options: (1) run httpd24-httpd on a different port; (2) migrate your existing httpd configurations to httpd24-httpd or (3) run OOD on a different machine entirely.


You should not run both httpd24-httpd and httpd on the same host. As Jeff mentioned you either move your OS httpd configs over to httpd24-httpd or install OnDemand on a different host. For CentOS/RHEL8 we are able to rely on the OS base Apache and so there is no httpd24-httpd needed on that OS version.

Thank you very much for the fast reply and suggestions.
I guess I’ll move the httpd to httpd24-http.

And also it seems I need to compile ondemand from source, as the dependencies lua-bitop and lua-posix conflict with the ones (lua-bit-ohpc, lua-posix-ohpc) we installed from openhpc. (if there’s no other work around)

Those lua dependencies are for apache, not necessarily the rest of ondemand. You may be able to get by with skipping bad dependencies with --skip-broken but that may cause issues down the line with yum update.

That said - I’m unfamiliar with our dependency on lua-bitop (maybe it’s a transient dependency from lua-posix).

Building from source on a Centos/RHEL machine may not be straight forward. You may want to seriously consider a brand new VM and save yourself some longterm maintenance headaches.

OpenHPC makes a lot of assumptions about how you want to manage your systems and what you want to install so it’s not a good fit to have OpenHPC packages and repos present on the same node as OnDemand. I second Jeff’s suggestion that starting with a new VM just for OnDemand is your best bet since it sounds like OpenHPC directly conflicts with packages from EPEL which is not good.

Ok, thank you for that. I haven’t done anything with VM before, but I’ll look into that and implement ondemand on that path.