Httpd24-httpd.service start-pre operation timed out. Terminating

First time install open OnDemand, based on official installatin document, after installed OnDemand, httpd24-httpd.service start-pre operation timed out. Terminating. How to configure to start httpd24-httpd service.

I’m just verifying the installation of open OnDemand on my test VM with: 4 CPUs and 8G memory. I’m not sure this is a bottleneck. If so, where should I adjust to enable starting httpd24-httpd.service>

Hi Huang.

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do have any information from /var/log/httpd/error.log? If apache is failing to start or stay running, that should give us some information. Please paste the information from the logs in the discourse.


Yes check /var/log/httpd24-httpd/error.log or jounalctl -u httpd24-httpd for the status of httpd and/or any error messages you may see.

Hello I solved it by increace timeout time in service cfg file: /usr/lib/systemd/system/httpd24-httpd.service. Then the service can be active after enough time. And I think we can close the ticket here. Thx.