Hybrid RHEL 6, 7 OOD Installation

We are installing new nodes for the installation of OnDemand 1.5. The cluster is scheduled to be upgraded to RHEL 7 late this spring however in the meantime it is a mixed environment.

Should things work together with the front end running RHEL 7 rpms and the compute nodes running RHEL 6 rpms?

We will also be testing this behind an F5 load balancer with failover to give better enterprise grade management but that is probably a discussion for another day.

At The University of Arizona, we’ve been running a CentOS 7 OnDemand node communicating with our CentOS 6 cluster since OnDemand 1.1 (pre rpm days). We’re now running OOD 1.5 with that OS mix.



Ric, thanks for the feedback. I’ll proceed with my hybrid project and post if there are any issues.