Ondemand server supporting clusters with different OS?

We’re engaged in a migration of our compute nodes to RHEL 8 from RHEL 7. I’ve been studying the docs, but remain unclear whether there would be a problem having a single Ondemand host supporting clusters running different OS.

On the one hand, the ood server needs configured to support the scheduler, and otherwise function as a login node. This requirement seems to be a barrier to implementation.

On the other, I’ve read where the same ood server supports clusters with different schedulers.

Therefore, I appeal to the group for thoughts.
And I apologize if I’ve missed previous discussions on this/similar topic(s).

It can, really it doesn’t matter so much to OOD itself.

What you’ll have issues with is the apps. Specifically VNC apps that use XFCE - See these topics below. We’ve made some headway on this issue (both myself and the original posters) - but I don’t think it’s 100% resolved.

Basically the TLDR is that XFCE updated from 12 to 14 and has some compatibility issues with the way all our scripts are written.

We haven’t updated our own apps, so it’s not 100% solved but we’ve at least reduced the problem space a bit. In any case - you’ll likely have to modify some of the VNC app scripts so that they can recognize whether they’re on REHL 7 or 8 and act accordingly.

Thanks, Jeff –

This is very helpful. My thought is to have a redundant server that can backup either of our production servers – supporting only RHEL 8 or 7. I’ll give your comments, the discussions and the VNC app scripts some attention, and report back.