Inactivity timeout for both web page and SSH Shell Access in OpenOnDemand

Hi Support,

I would like to know the default value for the inactivity timeout for both web page and SSH Shell Access in OpenOnDemand. Besides, how to configure the timeout for both web page and SSH Shell Access in OpenOnDemand? Thanks

I think what you are looking for is in the nginx_stage.yml.

There is a setting in that file for passenger_pool_idle_time which will set the time an application can be idle.

The docs for this are here:

Let me know if you have any more questions though.

Hi travert,

I will try this setting. Many thanks

Hi travert,

I have configured the setting and it seems doesn’t work, the procedure is as follows:-

  1. Changed “passenger_pool_idle_time” to 300 in /etc/ood/config/nginx_stage.yml
  2. Restarted httpd (Open OnDemand web service)
  3. Restarted ondemand-dex
  4. Restarted web server for nginx per user
  5. Login as user to the web of Open OnDemand and remain inactivity for 5 minutes
  6. Open OnDemand doesn’t disconnect the session automatically and the session still remains in active

Could you please give me the suggestion for this? Many thanks

Hey, sorry about that. In order to set a timeout for the actual web part, I’m only aware of using the Auth to set a timeout using something like oidc_session_inactivity_timeout in ood_portal.yml but this relies on the authentication to handle this and specifically OIDC.

The PUN setting I had you set will kill any idle applications connected to the PUN, but to full on kill the web-node after being idle I’m unsure how to handle that beyond having the auth timeout as above.

I’ll try to look through some discourse and notes to see if there’s a cleaner way to do this though and check back.

Hi Travert,

I configured the parameter ‘oidc_session_inactivity_timeout’ to 15 minutes in ood_portal.yml and observed that the web session is automatically closed after 15 minutes of inactivity. However, the SSH session remains active even after 15 minutes of inactivity, and I confirmed that no inactivity timeout setting is being applied on the SSH server side. Is it possible to apply an inactivity timeout setting to SSH sessions in OpenOnDemand? The version of OpenOnDemand is 3.0.1. Thanks

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