Inactivity timeout for both web page and SSH Shell session in OpenOnDemand

Hi Support,

I configured the parameter ‘oidc_session_inactivity_timeout’ to 50 hrs in ood_portal.yml and observed that the web session is automatically closed without 12 hrs of inactivity. Besides, I observed that the SSH session is disconnected automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity, and I confirmed that no inactivity timeout setting is being applied on the SSH server side. How can I solve the inactivity timeout for both web page and SSH Shell session in OpenOnDemand? The version of OpenOnDemand is 3.0.3. Thanks

For thew web timeout I really don’t know. That setting does change the timeout but I have no clue what happens with values so large as 50 hours.

For the shell I don’t know. I see nothing in the docs to set a change in that timeout searching on either timout or ssh timeout so looks like it’s hard set.

@tdockendorf do you know more about apache and what is going on here with this 50 hour timeout?

SSH timeouts can be a combination of not just SSHD configs but SSH client configs as well as some OSes provide mechanisms to end idle sessions, like the TMOUT environment variable. There maybe also timeouts in the code used by OnDemand for SSH but that I can’t speak to.

The OIDC inactivity setting just affects some of the timeouts within the OIDC code for Apache but your IDP may invalidate your token sooner so a refresh would force you to log back in. How that’s configured is entirely specific to your IDP. Setting to some large value should be fine though there maybe timeouts inside Apache that’d have to be adjusted and also the underlying Passenger daemon used for each user’s PUN may close itself after some time of inactivity. I’m not sure how much we expose of those timeouts as it’d be something likely in the NGINX configs for each PUN.

The shell application was updated in 3.1 to ping/pong. So upgrading to 3.1 should fix your shell issues.