SSH Shell - Timing out after 1 minute

Using two different servers -

  1. OoD server
  2. Cluster Headnode

Using putty I can stay logged into #2 for hours. Using #1 and the OoD console shell which SSH’s into #1 it will keep the session open for about 1 minute.

Could you post the cluster config you have for the login node.


title: “prod”
host: “”
adapter: “slurm”
submit_host: “”
cluster: “prod-al2”
bin: “/opt/slurm/bin”
strict_host_checking: false
conf: “/opt/slurm/etc/slurm.conf”
script_wrapper: |
module purge
set_host: “host=$(hostname -f | awk ‘{print $1}’)”
script_wrapper: |
module purge
export PATH=“/opt/TurboVNC/bin:$PATH”
export WEBSOCKIFY_CMD=“/usr/local/bin/websockify”
set_host: “host=$(hostname -f | awk ‘{print $1}’)”

I’m surprised this is not in our docs and am having a hard time finding the setting for this.

Have you tried idle_timeout under the job setting? I’m going to keep searching. It can be done it’s just not documented apparently.

Added idle_timeout. No change, still times out at a minute.

Anything else I can try on this one ?

I’m not sure at the moment. But, I did find this issue that sounds similar to what you are experiencing:

The code in the link fixed the issue. Many thanks.

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