Integration of Windows PRE/POST treatments into OOD

Hi, let’s continue with our POC on OOD 1.6.7.

our users work by default on Windows PCs and are using many codes for pre/post treatments.

we want to integrate physically these components beside the HPC and integrate them into OOD. so, no more data transfer and data management.

I already tested Windows PC plus TightVNC server within noVNC. for 2D applications, it works. it’s could be a solution. a plus is that TightVNC has a service which allows to open a windows session.

the question is : how to do this integration into OOD ?

for 3D, i’m thinking of XPRA over noVNC. i’ll see this point later

Your ideas are welcomed.

note : we have tested the Nice DCV solution. great, but expensive !


Could you provide an example user workflow you want to support? We don’t quite understand how you want the integration to work.

Hi, Eric

Sorry for the delay. I have forwarded your question to my main key users and i’m waiting for their answers.

A typical pre treatment under Windows env is the following :

  • extract from VPM the Catia parts
  • import Catia files into Workbench via the capri module, only available on windows
  • prepare the meshing within workbench
  • solve with Fluent on the HPC

Coming back with some others infos


Besides moving the pre/post work to virtual desktops running on Windows servers, if users have access to pre/post on their own computers and the only problem you are trying to address is the data management/transfer problem, another approach would be to use for managing file transfer. I’m exploring that integration right now with OnDemand, but the idea would be the “solve with Fluent on HPC” step would be optimized by providing access to a list of input files from a globus end point, which would be a directory mounted on the user’s computer.

I’m happy to share more once I have a working example.

I have realized a demo on how to integrate a Windows farm of VMs into OOD

  • each Windows 10 VM has :
    – sshd service
    – nfs client for HPC data access
    – ldap client (pgina) for authentication
    – a Tightvnc server
  • on OOD server :
    – a noVNC-1.1.0 server with a token list associated to rhe windows nodes
    – a simple booking service based upon ssh for query windows sessions
    – an OOD application generating a dynamic page to choose free windows node or reconnect to previous allocated node
    – a link inside this dynamic page launches a noVNC client to connect on the choosen node
    – a proxy rule for the noVNC traffic

I can share the Ood part if you’re interessed in


Yes please share the OOD part!

Is this something that could be open sourced and made available on GitHub, with a description of the solution in the README?

Why not. Have you a git support to help me to integrate this solution on your git platform, because no experience on this topic. or reach out to me directly

@jms27000 just following up, could you share the OOD part of your solution for integrating a Windows farm of VMs into OOD?

Yes, i will do it, as i said, i’m not trained on GIT format furniture,