NICE DCV integration Open OnDemand

Loosely related to this post on “VirtualGL in OOD apps”, we’ve been trying research ways to provide Nvidia-accelerated OpenGL to users using OOD. We recently found another use case for M-Star fluid dynamics software, which seems have done their homework to use NICE DCV as their remote visualization method. We don’t want to dedicate hardware for this one use case though, and want to use OOD as the ultimate way to manage remote virtualization. Has anyone done the integration for OOD to control NICE DCV sessions? Thanks.

Hey, sorry for the delay! We don’t know much about this at OSC, but maybe there could be something here for other folks.

We used to use the NICE software but did away with it when we started using OnDemand. We have 5 nodes we allocate specifically for visualization software, but you don’t have to do this. We configured desktop apps in OnDemand for opengl purposes and launch the desktop with different options than “regular” desktops:

/usr/bin/vglrun +wm -d “:0.$USEGPU” startxfce4

If you have any questions, just let me know!

@dsajdak Can you provide more details on your set up turboVNC… I find that I need to have it compiled with virtualGL and that xstartip needs to be enabled within turboVNC. Will be great if you can share your setup of the Desktop