Interactive app cannot be loaded


One of our users experiences problem when trying to load an rstudio server session. The job can be successfully created, just after clicking on “connect to rstudio server”, the rstudio page shows but the initializing cannot be done (a dialog box shows after a long time saying rstudio server possibly unresponsive) . The output.log does not show any problems, and the ondemand-nginx logs seem fine too.

Is there any other way for us to diagnose the problem?

Thank you,
Kaiyue Wu

I’ve had this issue in developing updates for our Rstuido App. You can see errors in the browsers console there are timeouts to the Rstudio Server.

I think it usually happens when has the wrong mounts and it can’t seem to boot the wrapper properly (the --rsession-path "${RSESSION_WRAPPER_FILE}" or it can’t interact with the Rlibraries).

If it’s only happening to one user, I’d focus on what’s different about that users R environment, like an ~/.Rprofile or similar.