Rstudio Server app (non-local) error

Like may sites, I’ve been working through updating RStudio in order to get rid of dependencies on proot and singularity. I’ve worked through GitHub - mcw-rcc/bc_rcc_rstudio_server: RStudio Server app for Open OnDemand and am getting very close to a working installation but at the end it hits an error and gives “RStudio Initialization Error, Unable to Connect to Service”. Any ideas?

This is rstudio-server-rhel-1.3.959 extracted from the rpm. As an aside thanks to everyone who worked on the MCW RCC solution, it looks very useful!

Sorry to hear that you’ve hit a snag. Is there an error output in your output.log file?

At the end output.log has
Discovered RStudio Server listening on port 37449!
Generating connection YAML file…

however rsession.log has “rsession: not found” so it looks to be a path problem. I’ll dig into that and see what mistake I made.