Is a dedicated lua interpreter installation required?


we are trying to setup open on demand on ubuntu 22.04 .My question in short is : do we need to apt install a lua interpreter ?

In long , we are facing some issues, we believe are related to proxy handling in the apache2 setup which appears to me handled by lua scripts from /opt/ood/mod_ood_proxy/lib. I’m not yet sure these scripts are correctly running.

Thank you for your help,



Hello! A lua intepreter should be installed as a dev dependency, yes. It makes sense that things wouldn’t work without it.

Alright , I will check that;

But, what I do not know is how to debug such issues; I would expect to see some errors in the apache2 logs in /var/log/apache2 , but I do not see such things as “cannot find lua interpreter” or so ;

Is there some apache2 options to change to raise the log level ? Or maybe such error is raised somewhere else ?

It’s hard to say without knowing what issues you’re facing. What/where are the errors you are getting?

For now, here’s our documentation on logging: Logging — Open OnDemand 3.1.0 documentation

My question is really general and more related to apache2 I believe;

When, for example mod_lua is running, for example when running node_proxy.lua , where these processes logging ? Actually there is a LogLevel lua_module:info in the apache2 conf script and there I would expect these logs to appear somewhere. Are these expected to be in the logs located in /var/log/apache2/ ?

We also have a lua_log_level configuration option: ood_portal.yml — Open OnDemand 3.1.0 documentation - and I do believe you’re right, they should show up in the apache2 logs.