Is it possible to limit file download size

Is there a setting similar to that used to limit uploads, as described here: Is it possible to limit file upload size ?

If there is one, we don’t set it directly.

I believe that upload limit came from the way it’s implemented, creating a temporary file as upload occurs then moving that file appropriately. The limit is to try to curtail filling up this temporary filesystem.

The download path, sadly, is very deep and the actual file read is buried deep down in libraries and so I can’t find off hand (I did spend a some time on it though!), so I would guess if there is a limit, it’s likely some node.js, nginx, or linux OS limit on opening such a large file. Whichever one comes first.

Thanks for checking Jeff — being able to limit these things would be helpful in the event that an organization needs to suddenly tell a majority of its employees to work from home and share a VPN link. Would want to make sure researchers can’t crash the link by trying to upload or download large file sets.

— Shawn

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