Disable upload and download of files

I’ve been encountering issues trying to disable the ability to upload/download files from the Files app.


I’m referencing the documentation here which indicates you can set the FILE_UPLOAD_MAX to 0. When I tried this I was still able to upload files. I then changed it to ‘1’ and it appears to be working. Is this to be expected?




I’ve been following the docs here but am unable to get downloads to be disabled. Again I had to set OOD_DOWNLOAD_DIR_MAX=1 to get this to work but realized this is only working on folders.

Is it to be expected that this setting is only for folders? If so, is there anyway to stop users from downloading files?



I believe it was originally a limit on sizes, not functionality. Which is to say - yes it is a setting for only folders and only for downloads.

I don’t believe we have the capability to disable downloads altogether without disabling the files app entirely.

Thanks @jeff.ohrstrom appreciate the update. I found this thread about allowing upload/download permissions by group which I’ve subscribed to those Github issues.

I’m trying to lock down this particular OOD instance to ensure that data resides within the system, and not allow users to upload/download any data. Are there other ways users are achieving this?

Are there details on how to remove the Files app? I checked this thread but I’m not able to find the reference to the system installed apps?

You use file permissions on the folder /var/www/ood/apps/sys/files (I pulled that path from memory, so please verify). Change it to 700 to disable it or 750 with a specific group to give group membership.

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