Problems with OOD2 Files app

We updated to OOD2 yesterday and are now getting reports of problems with the files app. There are a few scenarios we’ve tested:

  1. I drag and drop a folder of files. The first file in the folder list gets turned into a folder of the same name and another file gets uploaded into that new folder. None of the other files in the folder get uploaded. Though the permissions are correct on the system, the user is unable to delete the new folder and file within it.
  2. Same as #1 but I click on the “browse folders” link instead of drag and drop. This time the first file in the folder list gets turned into a folder of the same name and another file gets uploaded into that new folder. However, all of the rest of the files in the original folder get uploaded correctly. I’m able to delete the files but not the newly created folder and file within it.
  3. If I upload multiple files, it’s fine. However, they have to be in the same directory and not include any folders.

Let me know if you want me to test anything else.


Thanks! Yes, we found #1 and 2 I’m going to fix that urgently. I have a patch in, just need to update release notes and so on. I’d very much like to get it out today.

Here’s the issue for reference.

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Can you describe in greater detail what you do to upload multiple files?

I believe the way it works is actually the identical to how it worked in the old files app and is due to browser API limitations.

Either a drag and drop of multiple files or clicking on ‘select files’ and selecting them works. The only thing that breaks it is if there is a folder involved.

Admittedly, I did not use the files app previously except to show a few users it was there. I’m being told they used to be able to select multiple files and download them. Now we’re getting an error telling us we can only download one at a time.

I opened Fix downloading multiple file selections · Issue #1176 · OSC/ondemand · GitHub to track fixing download multiple files. When selecting multiple files and clicking download, did that just literally trigger a separate download for each selected file in the browser, or did that attempt to provide a single download into a zip file? This is of course something we can quickly find out if you aren’t aware off the top of your head.

Thank you! That’s the only error I got after I selected 3 files and hit the download button. My only option is to click ‘OK’ and then it goes back to the selection window.

I confirmed that in 1.8 this just triggers a separate download for each selected file, using the hpctoolset!

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@dsajdak we just published 2.0.9 that has this bugfix for uploading directories.

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Great!!! Thanks so much. I’ll update in dev now and let you know if we see any issues.

All looks good on that. I have updated in production as well. Thanks!

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