Files App Alternative

I’m running OOD 2.0.32 and want to use custom or alternative Files App than the default one used in OOD due to the default Files app allowing user to upload and download. I don’t think there is any way to customize the default OOD files app to remove the upload and download buttons from my research.
So, Is there an alternative files app or a custom code I can use to create a custom files app to replace the default?
if so, can someone help give directions on how to do this?

Hello and welcome!

I think the easier solution might be to set the download and upload values to zero to ensure the functionality won’t work by setting these environment variables:

Then to comletely remove the ability to touch those buttons as a user, go in and remove the lines from the generated html here:

Now, when you do updates this file is going to write over and those buttons will reappear, so you’ll need to remember to go in and remove those lines in the future each time. However, the environment variables being set to zero will prevent the buttons from being useable if you forget.

But, this is a good question in that we should really offer something to flip those on and off as we do with things like the shell button. I’ve created a feature request here:

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