Job submission infinite loop

We are evaluating Open OnDemand and have hit an odd problem. On page “Jobs”, after selecting a job and hitting button “Submit”, the browser tab (Firefox) has a little dot or button that oscillates from left to right, seemingly indicating that it is waiting for a response. However, what is happening is that the job is being submitted multiple times, seemingly in an infinite loop. I have seen this and so has a co-worker (I do not know what browser she was using). Closing the tab seems to stop the submissions although some still are in process. We are using LSF.

Is this expected or normal behavior?

Does some means exist to prevent it?

Should our user instructions say, “Select ‘Submit’ then close browser tab ‘Jobs’ immediately.”?

Hi Eric.

Thank you for the post.

First of all, I want to apologize for the long delay since your post and for the issues that you are having.

What you are seeing is definitely not expected behavior.

Is there anything in the logs that you can send us?


Greetings, Gerald,

I accept the apology because I understand how things like this go. As it turned out, I was buried in a user support issue much of the intervening time.

An advantage of that is that the log files in my /var/log/ondemand-nginx/username directory were empty, so I submitted another job just now. I have attached the access.log and error.log files from there.

Here is a description of what happened. I went to the Job Composer, selected a very simple template and modified, then I submitted the job. I left the browser tab with Job Composer open. Over a few minutes it submitted the job three times before I closed the tab. After the second submission, I noticed that the message bar at the top of the window did say “Job has already been submitted.” I noticed that the button labeled “Loading” (to the right of “Stop”) did keep spinning. After closing the “Job Composer” tab, I returned to tab “Dashboard”, selected “Jobs” → “Active Jobs” and saw entries for the three jobs.

If you need additional information, I will be glad to provide it.

access.log.txt (32.2 KB)
error.log.txt (104.9 KB)

Thank you Eric. We’ll take a look and see what we can find for you.


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