Job Composer causes slowdown

Having an issue with the Job Composer app/tab. Currently everything works as it should except when the Job Composer tab is opened everything in Firefox slows down to a crawl (whether part of OOD or not). If the Job Composer tab is closed then all other tabs return to quick response. My user can login make changes to necessary files so permissions seem to be fine. Takes 5 to 10 seconds to click anything tabs while Composer is open. If Composer is closed then all tabs buttons in firefox are snappy. Any log files I could look at to track down this issue? The OS is Rocky Linux 8.5. Thanks, Kyle

Sorry for the issue.

Is this happening for every user on the system that logs in?

Are there already jobs in the Job Composer view being listed, or is it just a blank Job Composer page but still slows the browser down?

It’s not an issue I know about so I’m trying to gather some information first. As for log files, here’s a link to the development docs that have an actual logging info page. I’d think the logs you’d want for this type of problem would just be the apache logs to start:

Also, what happens when you use Chrome?

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