Jupyter timed out waiting for port

Hey guys,
Recently I’ve had users report they have issues connecting to Jupyter via OOD. I started having the same issues myself with Chrome. I came across one of your support logs and checked with a fresh Firefox instance and everything worked as it should. So for grins I wiped out my Chrome cache (for all time) and everything worked as expected.
My question is: Is there any way to invalidate any cookies or cache items from the page level? I’m not entirely proficient on the cookie/cache management of browsers. Frankly I simply push the theory that you really should flush your browser cache at least once every 2 weeks, but I’m curious if there is something server side we can do.

Thanks, Hope all is well. Kenny, MSU

I have users that verified you only need to wipe cached images and files in Chrome, or Cached Web Content (files) in Firefox. FYI.

Hey thanks for the question! I’m not aware of a way to do this at the page besides having some custom javascript written to handle that, which OOD does not have.

Now, the other way that may work is to set this server side, but that would require a bit of a hack to set the directive for apache to do this while also making it server wide, which I’m unsure if you’d want to do.

Was the page level solution the only one you had interest in?

Are you using OIDC? There is a setting in the ood_portal.yml that could handle this if so.

Open ID Connect? We use DEX and ldap.

Hi Travis, Thanks for the response. I’m not entirely sure, I’d hate to set an apache directive without knowing the consequences for the rest of the site. For now I’m happy telling users to just wipe their browser cache. That’s a simple fix.

No problem. Sorry for the hassle and not having a good fix. Thanks for the info on your auth setup though as this may be something we can play with more to provide some customization for that setup possibly.

Hey no worries, Travis. It’s a solution :slight_smile: You can close this if you like.


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