Kerberized storage with OOD

Hi all,

I wondered if there are folks out there that have deployed OOD with a HPC system that uses kerberized NFS storage?



Hi and welcome! I’m not sure if I’m aware of any kerberose deployments. Though quickly googling it could be that you can use mod_auth_gssapi and that will initialize your tickets? I suppose it’s an issue of keytab is created and refreshed when the user logs in?

Again, I’m not sure, I just wanted to say welcome, and maybe someone who does run a kerberose site will chime in.

Thanks for the reply, Jeff!

Also, wondering if there is anyone out there that would be willing to give my group a demo of their deployment. We would love to see it in action!

Arnold: If you are looking for just a general demo of OOD, we have one linked to from the main website (under the webinar section) and here: