Label is not displayed when using path_selector

Dear all,

I configured the path_selector in OOD 3.1.1 as below.

# form.yml.erb
    widget: "path_selector"
    label: Base directory (PYTHONUSERBASE)
    show_hidden: true
    show_files: false

However, the web form is as shown below, and the label value is not displayed.

With other widgets, the above setting works, so it seems like this is a problem only with path_selector.

Also, on a side note, if I saved form.js in the application directory, path_selector did not work properly.


Thanks for mentioning this.

I also am not able to get this to work correctly based off the docs from the release, so I’ve opened a bug report to try and figure this out. It’s possible the docs are either incomplete, or there’s an issue here.

I’ve opened an issue against this here: