Launch Desktop issue: Could not connect to session bus

When the “Launch Desktop” is clicked, getting message in VNC window “Could not connect to session bus: Failed to connect to /tmp/dbus-: Connection refused”. Then after clicking Close on that message, get: “Could not acquire name on session bus”.

Everything used to work fine. Most recent change was adding GPUs to the machines. Disk space is good on the machines. I didn’t see any obvious issues in messages/dmesg. Verified I can still run the mate desktop using ssh -X. Any advice on where to look?

Wow, dodged an obscure bullet there. Conda’s dbus package broke it…

sudo /opt/anaconda/bin/conda uninstall dbus

:triumph: Bad conda!!!


I am running into this problem as well, but conda uninstall dbus does not finish executing because of permissions:

EnvironmentNotWritableError: The current user does not have write permissions to the target environment.
  environment location: /apps/python/3.7-2019.10
  uid: 33149
  gid: 6540

(base) [jimdc4@p0578 PAS1718/jimdc4]$ 

Any ideas? I’m able to access the terminal (where I am attempting to uninstall dbus) but not the virtual desktop.

I believe we fixed this bug to give XFCE some precedence. It should be in 2.0 - I can’t recall if it’s in 1.8.

What version of OOD are you on? I assume it’s this bug with XFCE desktop specifically?