Launch of jupyterlab (rstudio server as well) gets Not Found

The configuration for short hostname, regex set to the default or to ‘[cg][0-9][0-9][0-9]’, with re-generating the configuration, restarting httpd, etc, no combination of fqdn, or short works; always get the Not Found. Cannot find any log file (nginx) or otherwise that gives a hint. We use dns with nothing but the localhost definitions in the /etc/hosts. As best as we can tell, this is configured the same as two other clusters that we operate. The OS is Rocky 9.4, running OOD 3.1.

regex: ‘[cg][0-9][0-9][0-9]’
node_uri: ‘/node’
rnode_uri: ‘/rnode’

lion.yml.txt (851 Bytes)

[root@c000 ~]# hostname -A
c000 c000

The configuration key is host_regex. Also this regular expression appears to be the shortname whereas you’re set_host configuration appears to be the FQDN, so there’s a mismatch there.

As to where to look in the logs - it’d be the apache logs. Though I can’t say it’d be more descriptive than just the request being logged as 404.

Jeff, thanks for the reply. Given that hostname -A returns the short name first, that’s what we are trying to do. So, I thought maybe the host setting at the top of the cluster.conf file is what you were referring to. So, I changed host= in the cluster.d/cluster.conf file to just be the short name. Restarted httpd, did the restart of the web server, and the cluster/shell still works, but still 404 on JupyterLab. But that’s not the set_host to which you refer. On the compute nodes, hostname -A returns the short version first, then the FQDN. That’s different than our other clusters. I haven’t figured out how to change that around. Hence the use of $1 in the awk script of the cluster.d/cluster.conf file.

[root@c001 ~]# hostname -A
c001 c001
[root@c001 ~]#

Is this being backwards an issue?

BTW, I’ve tried the default regex as well, all to no avail.

Is there any way to get the system to dump the portals that are activated in httpd? It’d be really nice to know what it is that is whitelisted to get a sense of how to fix it.

I’ve attached an output.log file; perhaps you’ll see something in there that I’m overlooking.
output.log.txt (6.9 KB)

I just now caught what you said about regex vs host_regex. I’ve fixed that, but it still did not work after regenerating, restarting httpd, and restarting the webserver.
Looking for other differences in the configuration, I found that the file was both named wrong (had the shorter version of the name vs the FQDN) and that it was malformed on the inside. Once that was fixed and everything was restarted, JupyterLab fired up. RStudio-Server fired up as well. On to the rest of configuration. Thank you for your patience.

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