Tensorboard error "not found"


We had a problem that after update OOD to 1.18, Jupyter nodebook still work, but the same old tensorboard shown “not found” after click the “connect” button.

W1222 13:55:52.963156 140734028444080 application.py:351] path /node/hal07/26935 not found, sending 404

Could someone give me some advice please?

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Is hal07 a valid host? Does jupyter use the FQDN or the shortname like that? I would wonder if the shortname hal07 is passing your host_regex configuration in ood_portal.yml.

If that’s not it, can you open your browsers dev tools and show if there’s anything wrong in either network or the console (I think chrome is the only browser that will keep dev tools open when you open a new tab).

Hi Jeff,

Yes, the hal07 is a valid host. For example, the jupyter notebook can run as https://hal-ondemand.ncsa.illinois.edu/node/hal10/4093/tree?.

Hi Jeff,

I am not familiar with the browsers dev tools, would you please give me some advice on that?

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Scratch that. I see that you’re error is coming from tensorboard itself and not, say apache.

OK. You’ve set this up as a batch connect app. I think in your view.html.erb you want to use /rnode instead of /node.

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your help. However, after I change the “node” to “rnode”, the error on the link "https://hal-ondemand.ncsa.illinois.edu/rnode/hal10/22230/?" still “The requested URL was not found on this server.”

Any idea?

Thank you in advance,

We solved this interactively. It was an issue with the configuration in ood_portal.yml where rnode_uri was set to 'rnode' instead of '/rnode'